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SNEAKY Subsidized Phone Charge for iPhone 7 Upgrade


SNEAKY Subsidized Phone Charge for iPhone 7 Upgrade

Summary: upgraded phones to iPhone7 and got screwed by Sprint’s SNEAKY $25/month per line ‘subsidized device upgrade’ fee. Wasn’t informed and now can’t return phones to Apple and cant terminate service because of a new 2yr upgrade contract


Been a customer of Sprint’s for years and this is likely the last straw. What a sham and sneaky move of theirs to offer a ‘discounted’ phone price with 2yr contract, AND then charge an extra $25/line PER MONTH... I’ve spent the last hour reading up on all the threads and this seems to be a new move by Sprint with their Unlimited Freedom discount plans as justification to charge the extra fee. 


The fee is terrible for a few reasons...

- it’s not explained by anyone during the upgrade process (not by Sprint or Apple)

- you don’t realize till it’s too late (on 1st bill AFTER Apple’s return policy)

- you don’t have recourse (can’t return phone, can’t cancel because of 2yr contract)

- the device costs you MORE than if you paid full price for the iPhone 7 to begin with ($25x24=$600 on TOP of the ‘discounted’ price)


terrible. Unless Sprint customer service finds a way to make this right, and I mean really right - I’ll spend more time making others aware and sharing this story. This should be viral so everyone knows and is at least educated of how Sprint’s upgrade policy works on the discounted plans


Sprint, if you’re listening, take the effort to make this right... (don’t just auto reply with a canned message please, or promise to reply ‘privately’)


Readers/Community...if you don’t see a reply or update...its because Sprint didn’t bother to make it right. If they do, I will update this post.



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Re: SNEAKY Subsidized Phone Charge for iPhone 7 Upgrade

@heink I'm truly sorry that this experience has left a bad taste in your mouth.


Sprint has moved away from offering subsidized devices as they're not compatible with our newer rate plans.  This why you won't see one offered in a Sprint store and instead will be offered a Flex lease or the opportunity to pay full price.


Apple has an agreement with Sprint that they can sell phones on 2 yr agreements but for customers on the discounted plans, the associated subsidized device charge does apply. 


I will pass along your feedback about the process as I agree, you should have been made aware of the charge beforehand. 




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