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So today's saga begins with an email from Sprint about my data usage.  No  big deal, I expected to exceed my base plan this month due to a number of things.


But what happened next, when I tried to check out new plan options is horrendous.


I tried to use the online 'optimize' my plan.  So far, so good.  The neat little tool displayed my current plan information and displayed an alternative. Still good so far.  Yet the new plan shows a couple of items as 'Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text not included' marked 'No Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text' and 'Allow International Data not included'  marked 'No Allow International Data' - whats up with these (besides the poor grammar)?


So then I call the 800-sprint-1 number.  First the ACD makes me go through a couple of layers before it asks for my cell number, so I enter the number Then it asks for my PIN, and I enter the PIN.  Guess what? The system says it doesn't recongize the PIN and hangs up.  It doesn't give me a 2nd chance.


Okay, so maybe I entered it wrong.  To make sure I have the correct PIN I go online again and find that I can't read my PIN, but can reset it only if I know the current PIN.  (What is this, an oxymoron at work?) At least it lets me have their system send the pin to my phone - great. It turns out that I did enter the correct PIN after all.)


So I call back and have to go through multiple layer AGAIN before I reach the PIN question.  And once again enter the CORRECT PIN, but this time the system accepts the information and moves me to the next step.  YEA!


The Customer Service Agent doesn't speak ENGLISH as a 1st language and has a pretty recognizable accent.  And he insists on call me by Mr. Jack even after I said that Jack was my first name not my last name. Okay, let's move on. My frustration level is raising rapidly at this time.


He asks me for my cell number again, even though I had to enter it into the ACD to get this far.  And he asks me for the PIN (again I had entered this before being connected to an agent).  Evidently I must not have spoken clearly the first time I gave him my PIN because he asked me to repeat it AGAIN.  Frustration currently going through the roof at this point.


When I finally was able to ask my questions, his responses were muddy and unclear.  But after a bit of back and forth, it seems that neither of these service options were needed since they were included in the unlimited plan.  Go figure, couldn't the web site say 'included' instead of the 'No Phone Access w/Unltd Talk/Text'  and 'No Allow International Data' that was displayed? (That would have prevented my phone call in the first place.)


So Sprint Corporate . . . could you please revise your web site to give more accurate information and STOP SENDING MY CUSTOMER SERVICE CALLS OVERSEAS!  All I want is to do is talk with a native English speaker in the first place.


What do you say?


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