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Scammed into a contract


Scammed into a contract

So an employee you hired at the Arden fair mall was recently fired for lying to get people to buy your plans without letting us read the contracts. I was told that if I bought this s9 plus I could upgrade it for no additional costs added to my bill. I recently went in after he was fired and they are telling me it will cost an extra 35-40$ to upgrade.  As now I'm being told you will charge me over 200$ to cancel even though it was your company who illegally sold me this plan without the ability to see what I was getting.


Re: Scammed into a contract

The upgrade cost is $30. This applies to all upgrades and activations, unless there is a promotion to waive it. When taking into consideration the information I provide to customers, I don't think to talk about the upgrade fee on the new phone when talking about the upgrade on the existing phone. 


Are you trying to upgrade the S9+ at 12 months, or is your lease completed at 18 months?





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Re: Scammed into a contract

Yes like I said I was LIED TO. he told me if I bought the s9 plus on a plan for 105$ a month that when the newest phone came out as long as it was after July I could upgrade to the s10 for the same 105$ a month and it would renew my 18 months back so I had 18 months again.


I don't know what you do but you did not sell me my phone and the person that did worked for the sprint company at the time meaning your companies employee lied to me and got me to switch from my Verizon plan just for a sale. So again who should I contact to fix this as he didnt give me anything to look at when I signed up.

Re: Scammed into a contract

You are more than welcome to PM any of us on Community to help. 


We just can't make any promises that we can change what happened. We can look into it, and see what we can do. Please send me a PM. 

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