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Shocked at how may people are here to talk about how Sprint rips people of with "Flex-pay"


Shocked at how may people are here to talk about how Sprint rips people of with "Flex-pay"

So, I have been with Sprint since 2013. My husband and I needed new phones  in 2017. We also moved to another town that was bigger. We went into the store and were shown the brand new Samsung phone which we were told we could lease to own and they would be "buy one get one half off." ( Flex-lease was NEVER mentioned.) So, many dropped calls and text later, we get a bill for almost a thousand dollars. WHAT!?!  there must be a mistake, we had set up automatic bill pay. Our bill should be going down.  We spoke to their "help" chat. that person spoke so little English and was confrontational as soon as we mentioned an issue with the bill that we gave up with their "help"  and went into the store. I women there was helpful in explaining that we signed a Flex-lease and what that meant...we were screwed. So we asked her to set us up on their payment plan. 2 hours later we left. The next month, again another bill for almost a thousand dollars and a threat to turn us into collections. Again, we tried the "help" feature and again, they claimed to set us up on a payment plan. Then the next month come and again the bill and threat. That same day we were walking 2 blocks from out home in a city park and I realized we didn't even have data. I HAD, HAD ENOUGH. We changed phone companies that day. So, we were paying that bill down 100 dollars a month. Honest right!?! Taking care of a bill we got conned into. That wasn't good enough to Sprint. 2 months in they turned us into a collection agency. After call me 6 to 8 times and day and my husband as well for 2 weeks. My husband did speak to them and they were rude when he wouldn't tell they which carrier we went with (WHY!?!) and again, told us they were turning us over to collections if they couldn't get a credit card number to take payment in full. So, We got a letter from the collection agency, They were fine with our payment plan but explained Sprint would continue to turn us in so for our credit, pay it off as soon as possible. Then 2 months in Sprint (not the collection agency, SPRINT) charged our last used credit card for the payment in full. We contacted the collections agency and they said it was paid, we were done. Sigh, we are done its over move on, right!?! No this morning I got another email for Sprint saying I owe them .88 cents, I get on my account and am told I no longer can interact with Sprint because I don't have and account so I can't even pay this .88 cents and walk away...

Sprint Employee

This does not sound good at all! I want to work with you and properly assist you. Please reply to my Private Message as soon as you have a chance, 

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