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Sim Unlocking for Galaxy s9+


Sim Unlocking for Galaxy s9+

I have contacted Sprint twice, to ask them to unlock the device.  Both the person I talked to on the phone and the person that I chatted online with say that my device is unlocked.  I went through and followed the prompts for the ##SCRTN## but it still says that there is a problem and I should contact Sprint.  I'm not sure what else to do to get it unlocked.


Re: Sim Unlocking for Galaxy s9+

Sounds like we need to look into the unlock cases, and see what is going on. It sounds like the phone might not have got the signal. We sent it but it wasn't received kinda thing. Want to make sure we set the phone up as stated in the link below. Super important. Once you have done that, send me a PM. We can look into what might have happened, and get them resent if needed. 



SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks

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