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Sims Unlock for iPhone


Sims Unlock for iPhone

I have all the information needed for an Sims unlock but have been unsuccessful with customer support getting it done although they have verified that the phone is eligible. Can someone from tech support please help?

Sprint Social Care

Hey are you the Sprint Account Holder for the device in question? 




No sir I am not but I was given the phone by them. It was originally lost but later found after obtaining another iPhone. I have the account holder name, Troy Cooper; the phone number it was associated with, (214) 223-8666; the phone’s IMEI number,  354856094095913; and I was already advised the phone is eligible. Can you help me because all that information is available in your system that I’m verifying with u, even the previous phone number the phone was attached to has another iPhone connected. I have left the Sprint sims card in the phone and it's connected to Wi-Fi. Thank you for your help



Unfortunately, we cannot unlock this device and are unable to provide details without authentication of the account. Since it's not eligible as stated in our Policy, you'll need to work with the account owner and let them contact us for further assistance. 

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