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Sprint Will not Unlock iPhone


Sprint Will not Unlock iPhone

After paying off the phone an repeatedly calling to get the unlock code for my now unlocked phone Sprint refuses to provide the code. I've contacted the better business bureau, stopped paying all other Sprint bills, contacted my bank to dispute the phone pay-off charges as fraud, and warned everyone I know of the scam. Aside from that, is there anything else I can do to actually get Sprint to unlock the phone that I paid for? 


Hi DMAndre! Can you please send us a Private Message so we can look into this for you?

Tacos and Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. We're likely not going to agree on this, but trust I'll work hard to get you an acceptable solution to your issue.

Not sure how to send a private message, the chat is nit working.  I’ve tried to login multiple times. I really just need you to provide a code and honor the contract. I can be reached at [edited for privacy].  I’ve already spent two hours calling sprint three times over 6 days to get a code for a completely paid off, 2018 phone. 


Usually when the unlock doesn't work on the customer's end that means it didn't reach the phone properly, or the phone is still active on our network and it re-locks. 


To send a PM you would click on one of our names, and select send message. 

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