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Sprint Withholding Refund Owed Since February


Sprint Withholding Refund Owed Since February

There's apparently no way to get an issue resolved at Sprint now except to post a public grievance. I have spent far too long "chatting" with customer service agents without resolving this issue so here goes: 


I briefly lost my phone in February 2019, and bought a new one at a Sprint store. I had to pay off the phone I’d lost, which I did, and also put down $99 on the new phone I got to replace it. I also paid a ~$30 fee to begin using the new phone.


The next day, I was lucky to find the phone I believed lost, and which was now paid off, and still in proper working order.


I returned the new phone to the same Sprint store location, and was supposed to be refunded the $99 deposit and the $30 fee I paid to begin using the phone.


It is now July 2019, and despite multiple conversations with Sprint customer service about this issue, I still have not been paid the approximately $130 I am owed.


I want to also state that I have remained current on all my payments despite Sprint owing me the equivalent of more than two months of service,  so there is not excuse for this lack of payment.


To resolve this issue, I will accept a $130 credit towards my account or a direct, verified payment of $130 to the account I use to auto-pay my bill monthly. Please let me know how you choose to resolve this problem, and when (within 10 working days at most) I can expect payment.




Re: Sprint Withholding Refund Owed Since February

Hi amyvt! Thank you for visiting us here in Community. I can surely search your account and see what is going on with this $130 refund that you were supposed to receive, I am sending you a private message to get just a little more info from you.

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