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Sprint Won't Perform Domestic Unlock


Sprint Won't Perform Domestic Unlock

I've been trying to switch my wife's iPhone 6 phone from Sprint to Verizon. We issued a domestic unlock and they said it would be about 3 days. One week later we called to confirm the phone was unlocked and Sprint said yes it was. One week after that, we went to Verizon. The message said the SIM card was unsupported. Verizon said it didn't seem unlocked. Spoke with Sprint who claimed it was unlocked, again, then proceeded to say that iPhone 6 was likely not able to work on Verizon due to Apple's manufacturing specifically for Sprint. After I explained that it was on the eligible list for unlock and that both carriers are both CDMA and the iPhone 6 has both chips to support CDMA and GSM, they proceeded to lie. They made me call Apple. I spoke with Apple support and they co firmed the phone was not unlocked. I had them three way call with Sprint. The Sprint person couldn't believe that other Sprint personnel said it was unlocked because it wasn't. I asked for the unlock and they proceeded to tell me that the unlock couldn't be processed because I had an outstanding account balance due August 2 when it was only July 16. Note: the iPhone has been paid off and out of contract for over a year. I paid the bill early so the crooks could process my unlock. They claimed it would take 24 hours and they would call me back when it was complete and Jennifer was adamant that she'd call. 28 hours later, the Verizon sim still didn't work and I had no call from the liar Jennifer. Now on the phone with Sprint for over an hour with multiple Sprint personnel who just transfer you to another person. I'm guessing they don't want people to leave their carrier because it is better everywhere else. Still have no resolution. Is anyone in management accountable for this kind of support. Can I get a direct number to a supervisor to get this expedited and resolved immediately so I can leave, never return to Sprint, and watch the carrier try to redeem itself when it has the worst customer service out of any company I've ever dealt with. 


Re: Sprint Won't Perform Domestic Unlock

electroncr , I would like the opportunity to figure this out for you. We do not have a direct number for Supervisors  however, you can contact our Customer Care team dialing *2 from a Sprint device or 888-211-4727 from another phone.


I can also look into this for you, just reply to the private message I sent you so that we can get started.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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