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Sprint Wrongfully blocked my IMEI


Sprint Wrongfully blocked my IMEI

I bought my Apple iPhone 7 plus at an apple store and I still have my original receipt. My carrier is cricket Mobile, about 4 days ago something strange happened when I made a regular call it goes straight to cricket Mobile customer service and customer service people told me that the device's IMEI has been blocked by Sprint for being lost/stolen.  I verified this by doing a simple IMEI check online which confirmed what the carrier stated. Then I called Sprint customer service and he told me to call apple since you buy a phone from them and when I called apple customer service and they told me to call sprint since they block my IMEI number. I even chat with sprint on their website and a person took my IMEI number and told me that he already unlocks this IMEI and told me to reboot your phone and in the next 24 hours it will get unlock but still no success. Please help me to resolve this issue.


proof sprint block IMEI of my phone.JPG

Sprint Social Care

Re: Sprint Wrongfully blocked my IMEI

Hi @aksiddiqui! This is a very strange situation. Only the Sprint customer owner of the phone can report it lost/stolen if it was or is active on a Sprint line. If it was active on Sprint and you can provide the last Sprint owner info, shoot me a PM so we can find out what happened. Just click on my name and then on "Send a message". 

Sprint Social Care
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