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Sprint is NOT Verizon


Sprint is NOT Verizon

Verizon is not cheap. I saved over $100 switching to Sprint.
Now I know why.
A little over 2 weeks ago I made the move to Sprint. The first time I called I got a rep overseas. Her name was Mary. I could not understand her. I am very good with accents. I was not able to decipher her words.
I called a few days later and got Sandy. Sandy was in Florida. We spoke for over an hour. Sandy sold us on Sprint.
After getting our phones, I had questions about the buy out process. I called and got Bob. He could not answer my question because he could not understand it.
So I went to a store. The pre-teen behind the counter gave me contradictory information that what I thought I was told.
I called Sprint back. Got someone whose name i don't remember. She gave me clear information.
Today I called to find out hiw to send in my final bill. I spike to Wesley (not his real name) I was put on hold for (no s***) 20 minutes to be told i have to go online. All I had to do was enter my mobile number and my account number. I asked for my account number. Wesley said he could not give it to me for security reasons.
So I need to go online to get my account number, but i need my account number to go on line.
Wesley said to make one up. Swear to God.
I stayed with,Verizon all those years for the OUTSTANDING customer service.
I'm starting to regret leaving them.
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