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Sprint is about to lose a 15 year customer!!


Sprint is about to lose a 15 year customer!!

Sprints is losing a 15 year old account with 6 active lines. After a month and a half of waiting for resolution, nothing ever happened. I spoke with several reps, I've had to explain my situation to several people, and every single one ha stoldme something different. I've been told I correct Information leading to my account reflecting as past due and now leading to me terminating my 15 year and ONLY relationship I've had with any wireless carrier. The rep I spoke to tonight was very rude and so unhelpful. She was not caring of my situation at all. By this time tomorrow I will no loner be a Sprint customer, goodbye sprint! I will not waste my money with this company anymore...I've given them thousands upon thousands of dollars and I still don't get the customer service I deserve.
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