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Sprint issues


Sprint issues

Well I’ve tried everything else, so now I’m here...


For 4-5 months now I have very poor no non existent service! 

Customer service can’t help

Okcqc cant help

Apple can’t help

Local store manager can’t help


But I’m constantly paying my bill.....


I was pressured by sprint to upgrade to the iPhone 8 as it would resolve my issue. 

The only thing that upgrading did was made my monthly bill higher! 


I have worked with okcqc for months trying to resolve my issue, and they cannot figure out what the problem is!


So Sprint is pointing the finger at Apple


Apple is pointing the finger at Sprint


And I am stuck in the middle of this nightmare.....



Sprint Employee


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Let's take a closer look into this issue to see what can be done. Please check your inbox, I've sent you a private message.


Sprint Social Care

I don’t have a reply option via private message, so yes. 


Sorry it took so long to reply, again as I didn’t have data for 95% of the day...

I took the phone to Apple, and they ran a diagnostics on it and claimed that there were no issues. That the problems I’m experiencing has to be network related issues.


This same problem was occouring with the previously owned iPhone 6s’s, and as I mentioned we were encouraged/manipulated into upgrading in order to resolve our problem. And going to iPhone 8 and 8+ did not resolve our issues.


on top of getting new phones, at the purchase time, there was a 300.00 (per phone) credit to turn in your old iPhone 6. I called 3 times now to set up that return, the got the all the id numbers off of the phone and walked me threw turning off “find my iPhone”, they claim that I will receive a return package to put them in.... that hasn’t happened all 3 times either! 


Supposedly, the line ending in 8818, that I shut off over a year ago... is now off of my account, but that just recently happened after paying charges for an additional year for that line.


I spoke to some one instore after sprint gave up on me, he tried to get me to upgrade again.... then he realized I had an iPhone 8 and 8+, so he then tried to put me into another brand of phone... I want to stay with Apple. He then told me that maybe my phone number that I have had with Sprint for approximately 13 years, could no longer be compatible with the Sprint network, and he stated that he would contact the upper level “people” to make sure I’m taken care of. I’ve never heard anything back from that gentleman either.

Community Manager

It sounds like you were viewing the private message from your Inbox, not the message itself.  If you hover over the message subject line, it should be a link, which will take you to the message itself. You should have a reply button there.


Sprint Community Manager & Customer Advocate
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I encourage you to post your questions on the community, give Kudos when earned and always mark the correct answer as "Accepted Solution".



no way to open message further on iPhone 8...

the only thing I can click on, is the Sprint care persons name and it goes to like a profile


the message doesnt have a subject line?

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Yes I was viewing the private message in my iinbox and don’t see a way to reply


however, I just sat on hold with Sprint for 10 minutes because I never received the call I was promised again.... I was supposed to receive a call at 4:15. 

Didnt happen like usual. So while on hold... I all the sudden hear talking that states our offices are now closed. And it hangs up on me....


@Jaysonr. I'll send you a new message, please try opening it and replying. If that doesn't work, click on my name and select "send a message".

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