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Sprint only cares about snatching "new" customers!


Sprint only cares about snatching "new" customers!

Been with Sprint since they were Nextel, we went through the horrible connection of maybe "next-time", we stuck through.  However, in the past few years, the Sprint Rep's have conned me into so may horrible deals, oh get a new phone & you get a few "hot spot" (but fail to mention) you will be charged for that too, or hey how-about this great tablet, well I really have no use for a tablet.  But it's just part of the promotion, you get this tablet and I can get you a great discount, so it's better than free.  Then a year later you are stuck with another "fee" for something you don't use.  And the greatest lie of all, hey, Sprint has NO CONTRACT!!! Isn't that awesome!!  Yea, right, it's called a screwed up lease that you get your customer into and 12 months into the lease, my bill is now $273 for 3 FREAKING PHONES, without unlimited data.  When I call, oh that hot spot thing...  Oh seriously, that you all told me what 3 years ago would save me all this money.  


The IRONY, you start looking into other cell phone carriers.  Oh there is SPRINT claiming so much BS, oh only $20 per my line...  PEOPLE DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING SPRINT TELLS YOU.  They will lock you into a CONTRACT LEASE, then within 12 months they stick it too...  HA, 3 phones, owe OVER $300 per phone, will still owe OVER $200 per phone after 18 months!!!  


I refuse to work with Sprint anymore, because all the years pass, oh we just want to make this right...  Meanwhile, 12 months later just be stuck with a $273 phone bill...  Ah, then try tell to me is because of freaking taxes and rates....  


I will slowly pay off each phone, because unlike SPRINT, I have integrity.  I only put this out there so anyone thinking of switching to SPRINT, to honestly think otherwise.  Because once they are have a customer, they could care less.  It then becomes how much can we suck them dry for.....




Hi Cheropride. Nobody wants to pay for things they aren't using. If you have services on your account you aren't utilizing, we can look at removing those to save on your bill. I'd be glad to look at your account and see where we can help you try to cut corners. Shoot me a private message if you are interested. 


"Hail Yourself!" - Ben Kissel


Been told it's part of my contract, although there is suppose to be no contract.  I finally got the Tablet off, now I have to call another number to get the "hot spot" removed, with all that said, would put bill about $30 cheaper a month.   In my humble opinion, even $240 for 3 phones is too much.....


Xfinity quoted me $45 a month, unlimited data, still will be about $100 less a month than Sprint....  


It sounds like you're taking care of removing the devices you aren't using which is good.


If you are on an older plan that doesn't have unlimited data, I'd recommend logging into to see what offer is out there to get off your old plan onto one of the new unlimited offerings. I've seen a number of other customers save money on their bills by getting off older more expensive and restrictive/barebones plans and switching over to the unlimited plans which are not contract based and have a lot more to offer (for example, free Hulu among other perks). 


When you go to and log in, under My Sprint you can select "Change Plan" which will show you your current plan and what offerings are available to you that might lower your cost AND compare the perks of existing vs new plans. Again, with the unlimited plans there is no contract. 


If you have any questions about anything I've shared or want me to take a look at your account further for you to see if there is anything I can help with, let me know. 


"Hail Yourself!" - Ben Kissel

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