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Sprint's Exclusive Loyalty Program 2017 or Not

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Sprint's Exclusive Loyalty Program 2017 or Not

Who remembers this...


“We know that loyal customers are the most important ones to our business and we want to reward them for their choice in Sprint,” said Jeff Hallock, vice president for base management at Sprint. “Sprint Premier is our way of saying, ‘thanks, we appreciate your loyalty and here’s something special for staying with us’.”

Eligibility requirements for Sprint Premier are simple: 1) For three consecutive months, consumer customers must be on an individual wireless plan of at least $69.99 per month or spend at least $99.99 per month on a plan that shares minutes, or 2) they must have been a Sprint wireless customer for at least 10 years. For complete rules about Sprint Premier, visit

After being automatically enrolled in Sprint Premier, customers receive benefits such as:

  • Early Upgrades: After only one year customers can receive our new customer price on a new handset. That's almost a year sooner than other customers. For accounts sharing minutes, the early upgrade applies to the primary line. A new two-year agreement is required.
  • “Just Because” Perks: Spontaneous special offers for trips, tickets to shows and sporting events -- just to say thanks.
  • Anniversary Rewards: Customers celebrate their annual Sprint anniversary with a special gift such as free ring tones or free minutes.
  • First to Know/First to Buy: Longstanding customers get an exclusive first peek at new products and services such as the upcoming Palm Pre™, and then are among the first with opportunities to purchase when they become available.
  • Accessory Discounts: A once-a-year discount on accessories at participating Sprint stores.
  • Courtesy Plan Check: For customers who haven’t changed their plan in six months, Sprint will notify them for a “Plan Check” to make sure they are getting the most value out of their device.

Sprint Premier is the latest addition to a growing list of other customer-friendly initiatives Sprint has already launched for its customers, including:

  • The Right Plan Promise, which allows customers to change their plans at anytime without signing a new contract.
  • Sprint’s Simply EverythingSM, an unlimited pricing plan that gives customers value with unlimited nationwide voice, text, data, e-mail, Web-surfing, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, GPS navigation, Direct Connect and Group Connect for $99.99 per month. Visit for additional details.
  • Ready Now, in which trained and committed retail associates work one-on-one with customers to personalize phones, set up features and demonstrate how phones work – before the customer leaves the store. Visit for additional details.
Where did it go? A lot of people have grandfathered into a lot of things but this doesn't appear to be one of them. 
Here is the link to the page where you will find this official Sprint document, Loyalty.

Re: Sprint's Exclusive Loyalty Program 2017 or Not

Why can't we have companies that will solicit for the lowest fixed rate plans for the people?

  • Options would be limitless. Discounts, bulk buys, if you choose to pay annually you can.
  • The only way to reduce consumer cost is to take control of what you buy.
  • Force the big business to compete for us.
  • Give opportunities for local small businesses to be resellers and contracting partners.
  • private organizations like Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) and American Legion can solicit for their own discounts.

Yes, the big businesses want you to believe that nobody can beat their cost. Well, that is partially true just like Walmart. They corner the market and squeeze out the competition at least what that can and then after the fallout those remaining businesses negotiate deals to work together for their own profit and benefit. 


You ever wonder why larger businesses match prices? If they could sell it cheaper and still make a profit, why not just do that? The business greed of lining their own pockets with the simple business strategy of supply and demand. Precisely why smaller businesses that have the customers in mind usually suffer and never make it. Unless they have a dedicated area that will only shop locally and resist the temptation of low-ball marketing, small businesses will have a hard time. 


If I owned 5 stores and was considering a 6th. The process would include; locate an area of need (supply and demand). research local stores for comparison. Then build the store or lease the property to reduce risk, just in case I want to pack up and get out. 

Then sell as many items that the local businesses do but at lower cost and advertise. Other items would include trending new product lines and wholesale items that will be limited stock but I could sell at a hefty discount. Now that's appeal to the customers that walk through the doors. Then once the local businesses lose out on sales and close shop, I would then start changing to more of profit items, the supply and demand. 


We have to start asking questions on what is driving this increase or change? Is it the new technology that consistently drops to nearly half its initial value within 1 year, doesn't seem right. Is it the constant upgrades in the cell towers, that truly is regular maintenance because cell companies have been knowing to buy old towers and rig their old equipment to it so in appearance you have a broader range but at nearly 0 cost. I read and an article that service rep. was confused on why a customer wants to get a better deal when they were content with paying their monthly package before. I was actually laughing at this statement and felt sorry for him because this individual must have been eating a whole batch of corporate shizzle. Hello, it's human nature to get a better deal when clearly there are so many inconsistencies. Did the corporate brainwashers not have the conversation about how they charge more and throw in the extra fees to continuously upgrade their aging networks. I say it's all hogwash, marketing, and corporate greed.

What, don't believe that? haha well here is a link to the highest paid telecommunication executives, never guess which company is at the top. 5 Highest Paid Executives in the Telecommunications


Re: Sprint's Exclusive Loyalty Program 2017 or Not

I find it amusing that the system won't let me click the kudos for either of your posts.....So I'll go through here, kudos to you, sir! they don't give a flying fart about loyalty anymore, that was just to bait people in for a while. 

Community Manager

Re: Sprint's Exclusive Loyalty Program 2017 or Not

Having been a Sprint employee long enough to have been a Nextel employee, I myself miss some of the old programs @DavidLong1973 because I know how much our customers loved them.  


Where did they go?  The market, as you remarked, is very competitive, the business is incredibly expensive to operate and the device in your hand costs far more wholesale than it did 5 years ago.  The way we use our devices has changed as well; most people rely far more on data than they do on voice or text.  


We've had to adjust to the rising device costs and the shift in usage ourselves.  That means the way we get you a device has changed and the way we package your service has changed.  We no longer sell you a phone at a 'discount' and build the remainder into your plan.  Now, we break it up; you spend as much on your plan as you need, but if you don't need 'Unlimited' then you don't have to pay for it.  Spend as much on your phone as you like, but if you don't need 256 gigs in platinum finish, you do not have to pay for it.  


No bull or hogwash, I totally get why you're interested in saving money and I think you have the right to hunt for the very best deal, the best value in wireless.  Nobody I know has a closet full of money just waiting to be spent on anything, especially not a cell phone bill. (I'd spend MY closet full of money on shoes, just sayin')


I really do appreciate your feedback, DavidLong1973 and I really will pass it on to the folks who look for ways to reward our customers.  That doesn't mean that we'll see a return of that old program, but I do hope it means that they'll find ways to surprise you and delight you in the future.  I can't let too many cats out of bags here but things are coming that I hope that you'll love.  Bottom line:  I encourage you to be a smart shopper, do your homework and make the choice that's right for you and your family.  If you have questions about something you see, we'd be honored if you asked it on our boards so others can see the answer as well.


Oh and @kbrown0109, we've moved the thread, so you should be able to add a kudos to it if you like.


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I encourage you to post your questions on the community, give Kudos when earned and always mark the correct answer as "Accepted Solution".


Re: Sprint's Exclusive Loyalty Program 2017 or Not

They really ought to have some customer loyalty program again, especially with the defections to other carries. There needs to be some incentive for those of us staying, a monthly recurring discount, reduced pricing on accessories and such and prioritize us who do want the latest devices.


Re: Sprint's Exclusive Loyalty Program 2017 or Not

I agree.  Sprint's biggest corporate fiscal issue is bleeding customers to other companies. Without loyalty incentives, there is really no reason to stick with Sprint. We've stuck with Sprint for 14 years (plus two years prior to that on a separate account).


We stuck with Sprint for two reasons:

1.) Price was lower (even if service wasn't quite as good as AT&T and Verizon); and,

2.) The availability of a two-year contract with discounted upgrade.


Those reasons are as good as gone now. Existing customers can't get the "new customer" prices...which makes AT&T cheaper for unlimited service. Moreover, the two-year contract w/upgrade is gone. 


Nine years ago, I wrote a post on the old "SprintUsers" forum that lamented the loss of loyalty considerations to long-time customers and predicted that it would have an adverse effect. At the time, big fans of Sprint scoffed at my warning as little more than "doom and gloom." 


Little by little, the loyalty incentives disappeared. In addition, older plans would disappear and require signing up for new plans -- at higher, non-introductory prices -- if customers wanted to use certain devices on their cellular plan.  Sprint simultaneously began to "nickel and dime" consumers (e.g., various fees, "premium data" fees, etc.). 


Subsequently, Sprint began bleeding Even the old "SprintUsers" website dried up. What once was a forum of Sprint fans finding out the latest news about Sprint became a cyber ghost town -- and even the most vocal Sprint apologists moved to T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T.


I agree that Sprint needs to remember their loyal customers. One of the first rules in business is that it costs more to find and sign a new customer than to retain an existing customer. Yet, the entire cellular industry operates as an oligopoly that ignores this concept. In fact, they do the opposite. They'll do anything to sign up a customer but ignore them once they are signed up. 


Sprint could be the first national carrier to take customer loyalty seriously again. If they threw a bone or two to long-time customers, I suspect that their retention rate would be MUCH higher. 


My solution to Sprint corporate offices would be to do the following:

1.) Bring back two-year contracts to those willing to sign up for them.

2.) Offer simple plans -- equally priced for new customers or renewing customers (locked prices).

3.) Use the incentive of FREE or DISCOUNT phones to draw new customers.


There are many customers who would jump ship from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile if they could own a new phone at a cheaper upfront price. In addition, loyal customers would be excited that the same plans offered to new customers are available to them. The "gotcha" pricing (which often seems deceptive) would be gone and it would make the company feel transparent. 


In the end, you give up better coverage elsewhere for slightly better prices with Sprint -- but only if you're a new customer. Once you're signed, the prices with Sprint are now comparable with AT&T and Verizon despite much better coverage with those two. 


Sprint needs to give us a reason to stay. Otherwise, long-time customers like us -- and my nine siblings (all married with children) -- will bid Sprint farewell. 

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