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Sprint's unethical billing practices


Sprint's unethical billing practices

Over the last couple of years, Sprint's service has rapidly declined. Customer service, it took 6 months and 5 phone calls to resolve the issue of having my lost phone blocked. Billing practices are unethical. Although notes showed my requests, I was still billed and had to pay it until a resolution was made. During the process of attempting to resolve the issue, a Sprint rep tried to haggle me, advising me of what the charges were and offering a credit of 30% of the charges. I was so confused, what type of business practices has Sprint adopted? So, after 6 months, I was contacted by someone from the resolution center, issued resolved, unauthorized charges credited. Yet, I was charged again this month. Now, I pay close attention to my bill. This month, I discovered that I was being overcharged for 2 upgrades made in January. I accepted a "holiday deal", which stated I would be paying 12.92/mo. for iPhone 7, but I have been charged 22.92/mo. since January. When I brought this to the attention of the rep, I was advised that I would have to “prove it”. Prove it? What type of company has Sprint become? The rep could not reference the Sprint system or refer back to the deal I signed up for? Thankfully, I was so excited about the deal that I took a photo and sent it to my daughter, so I spent hours going through 9 months of photos to retrieve the photo, as “proof” of this deal because the company I have been paying monthly for over 10 years has become so unethical that if I do not maintain your own records, they will take advantage of you to increase their profits. The service itself is not worth the investment of time to continuously fight to not be overcharged.Sprint phone lease.jpg


I'm happy to review your account about the upgrade offer. I'm sending you a private message for your account info.





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