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Straw that broke the camel's back


Straw that broke the camel's back

I have not been able to log onto my online account.  The latest pigeon hole is the need to text me a code in order to log in is ridiculous. 


The chat people have no idea, at all.  They punted to technical support.

The "technical support" person I talked to didn't konw what I was talking abou and had to transfer me to someone else.  This last "technical support" tells me that there is no way to log in without my phone.  And she even asked for my password.  Don't they say "we won't ask you for your password"? She even said that they can't do anything if I lock my account.


Sprint set up a system that they can't even use.  Awesome.


I know that if i go into a store that I will be lied to or misled at best; worse yet, have them call up customer service.


I only hope that the local sprint store will take back all of sprint material in a cardboard box dropped off at the nearest store the day my contract expires.

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