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Terrible Customer Service, Chat and Phone Upgrades. Not Good..


Terrible Customer Service, Chat and Phone Upgrades. Not Good..

Customer service from Sprint is getting worst and worst. To the point where I’m ready to take my 10+ years of loyalty to another company at whatever the cost to me is….


Here’s the deal. So we decided to upgrade our phones. We opted to go with a pre-owned phone. This was mistake number 1. The sprint website said if you order online, it will waive the activation, that is until you checkout, and it shows what your activation fee is going to be. Fast forward, phones arrive in the mail. Everything looks good, and we began activation. During self activation, the phone throws an error and tells us to contact sprint. We try the chat. After being passed through 3 people, we are still trying to get the phones activated. One of the reps even told us to take out the sim card from our old phone, and insert it into the new phone. Well with the S8, you need a tool to get to the sim card. But why would I need to do that when the phone came from Sprint, with a new sim card. I finally got frustrated from no solutions and told the rep I’ll call in. To which they said they are going to ask you the same things and have you do this too. Ended chat, and called in. After being passed through another 3 people, I finally got a rep that was willing to help solve this issue. Cool. Well two and a half hours later and a bunch of apologies, we were able to get 1 phone activated. I told them, ok, we have one more phone to do. The reply was “can I call you tomorrow to do the other phone, cause my shift has ended..” Are you kidding me?.. sure ended. Called in to Sprint first thing in the AM to get the second phone activated. 2 People and an Hour later, I finally got the second phone activated.


So I show my loyalty to Sprint and upgrade our phones. Order from Sprint and Shipped by Sprint, but they can’t see these phones on their end, and have no idea what’s going on and how to get them activated. All the reps kept asking me did I buy the phones from a 3rd party. Reason being, these phones Sprint sold us were attached to another account. You would think there would be better quality control when it comes to devices that are going to cost me hundreds of dollars. Learn from my mistake, and DON’T BUY the pre-owned phones. I will be looking for other options..

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Re: Terrible Customer Service, Chat and Phone Upgrades. Not Good..

What a huge hassle!  Were you finally able to get it worked out so that the correct devices show attached to your account and start the upgrade process?  If, let us know, an agent will be happy to help you.


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