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Terrible customer service.


Terrible customer service.

I'm new to sprint , and when I set up my plan in the store I asked for the cheapest possible plan which was the $45 a month plan. I bill was to be $104.00 a month as the spint associate told me it was. And a few days later I set up my sprint account online and it says my bill is $198.00 a month. So I immediately go to the sprint store where u got my phones, talked to the guy the made the error " on accident " supposedly.  And my account was to be back dated and fixed. Another few days goes by and it's still isnt fixed online so I go back to the sprint store yet again, and now I'm to call a 888 number and they c a's n back date my account. I call the number and NO THEY CAN NOT BACK DATE MY ACCOUNT! The lady on the phone tells me she can credit my account $65 , even tho $65 isnt the exact amount I should be credited, because 198 - 104= $94 . But nope $65 is all they can do and it wont be credited to my account untill the next billing cycle. I tell her I wont be able to pay $198 this month I cant afford it and I'm told thats all she can do and that sprints really good about doing payment arrangements and are understanding  and they will let me extend my bill for a week or two because of this **bleep** up that Sprint caused, not me. And so I payed $110.00 toward my $198.00 Sprint bill and and call and ask then if I can extend the  $88 that's left on my bill for a week or two and am told NO I cant the only option I have is to pay $25 now and then I can extend. Well I dont have $25 dollars to my name right now my husband just had to switch jobs so money's very tight right now. But I'm so over this bull**bleep**. Now youd think Sprint would make this right sense it's there **bleep** up to begin with but no of course not that on me. So I'll be tomorrow will be the last day I have to get a complete refund from sprint if I'm not happy with there serivce and if this isnt resolved by then tomorrow then I'll be terminating my serivce thru sprint and I'll get a refund that way. And I'll go see how Verizon or Tmobile treats there customers.


Re: Terrible customer service.

So where did an agent leave you? Are you still waiting for the credit to hit?

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Re: Terrible customer service.

Yes still waiting for the credit to hit.


Re: Terrible customer service.

Howdy Taylorh21. I see that you have another post regarding this issue. I've already responded to that post. To avoid confusion, please meet me back on your first post. 


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