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The problem never solved.


The problem never solved.

My problem is running for almost 4 or 5 months. I have given my old iPhone 7 device with the sprint iphone x campaign. And they said we will charge $ 22.22 a month for my old device. I said okay. Also was the unlimited data package. I had $ 65 a month. then I told him that I wanted to change the sprint, and sprint gave me a discount, and he made $ 55 with the instructions on automatic reconditioning. All of the typing chat is still with me. I never lie. but even though I had $ 120 billing each month. When I call for their customer service, they are constantly asking me to solve my problem, but they do not solve it anytime. today's customer service chat supervisor I spoke with Gen. He told me that I did not join the phone campaign. Also stated that the discount was not made to me and the monthly fee was 65 dollars. Shortly, they made me liar. . I have to pay 22,22 $ for exchange device, 55 $ for data package. so i have to pay 80 $ around for month but i paid 120 $ each month, and still same. so they never solve my problem.




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