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This is getting ridiculous!!


This is getting ridiculous!!

I have made contact over the last month or so numerous times with customer care. They act like and assure me everything is taking care of, but when I wait a few or more days and follow through and check up on them, I am discovering that it is just not the case!!! I am also sick and tired of dealing with foreigners that call me sir, when I am a woman, with a woman's name (dead giveaway, but they wouldn't know that Rose is a woman's name when they are from India, now would they???) I even called and reported my son's phone, whom is in college, missing, and was quoted how much it was going to be becasue the lease was broken and I would no longer have a phone to turn in. I go to the local Sprint store, as I am instructed to do, and I am told a totally different price (more than double) since I am missing the phone, the phone was never turned off, and the notes barely say "his son's phone is lost" and that was it. No price as mentioned to me, not shut off, nothing!!  So a couple weeks later (last week to be exact) I call again about a different matter, and I am told they will take care of me, they will set me up a nice plan, and even still give me my military discount. I agree to it, and she put it in the notes, but I have to call back later to get it started. I said ok, sounds perfect. So later that day I call back, and again get a foreigner (the previous person was American) and he can't even understand me enough to get my passcode and almost had to disconnect the call just from that! Talk about frustrating!! Then he wants to argue about the plan offer that the other person had made me, even though she said she put it in the notes!! Finally he agreed it was in the notes, but then he proceeds to argue with me about when I can get it started, trying to say I can't strat the new plan until May. That doesn't make sense since my plane cycel starts either the 8th or 9th of the month and it was only the 6th of April, and I want it to start then!! But he is fighting me and fighting me on it, I just don't understand, this is not his money. I am really starting to think Sprint hates their customers by giving them people like this eto deal with. Suddenly he just says ok, fine here, it is done. Have a good day, or something along those lines. I just want to go by that time, so I say thanks, and hang up/ I finally am able to log in this afternoon, only to discover it had never been done!!! So I again contact Sprint, this time through chat so I am not driven up the wall by someone with whom English is a second language and thinks they know better than I what I want with my cell phone plan! But this doesn't go as plan, since this individual immediately cops out and says they need to make an urgent phone call to me. URGENT--- what does that mean to you?? well not the same thing to them, because guess what?? That was over 4 hours ago and I still am waiting!!!


Re: This is getting ridiculous!!

I'm sorry that you are having multiple issues with your account and dealing with Care. I know it can be very frustrating when it comes to misunderstanding and lack of good communications.

Do you by chance know what the plan name or details? I want check the details for you. As far as your son's leased phone that was lost were you able to get that situation taken care of?

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