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Total Equipment Protection plan is a joke


Total Equipment Protection plan is a joke

My wife has had a LG G4 for almost 2 years now.  They entire time we have had the total equipment protection plan which we pay about $12 a month for.  She has now had two phones die because of the boot loop issue.  Nothing my wife caused, no dropping in the pool or cracking the screen.  Her phone has died because of a known issue with the LG G4.  This last time, after haven already lost all her data twice, went into the sprint store.  First off they had to send the phone off for a week to see if someone could fix it, now they finally come back to us a week and half later and they are trying to give her a old used/refurbished LG G4.  Are you serious?    Again, this isnt something my wife did.  This is a known hardware issue with this piece of crap G4, and all our $12 a month for insurance gets us is a similar replacement used phone that will break in the same manor?  Can someone provide the logic behind this?  It is absolutely infuriating that we buy insurance on this phone and all we get from that is a used replacement that will break at any moment.  Maybe its time to move on...

Sprint Social Care

Re: Total Equipment Protection plan is a joke


Hi there! I completely understand the situation. I would like to provide you with further assistance. Please, respond to my private message as soon as you have an available time.

Sprint Social Care
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