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UICC UNLOCK Galaxy Note 5


UICC UNLOCK Galaxy Note 5

I recently upgraded my to a Note 8 and paid off in full my previous device which was a Samsung Galaxy note 5. I called Sprint customer service and asked that they unlock the Note 5 so that I may give it to my brother to use with his carrier. They sent me an email stating they received the request and it could take up 48 hours to complete. It has been 2 weeks and when he tried to use the phone, the phone said it was still locked!  I called Sprint again but they kept giving me the run around and telling me that it was unlocked when I know it really had not been done. PLEASE HELP! I don't know why I keep receiving different answers from several different employees at Sprint, but it's very FRUSTRATING, especially for someone who has been with Sprint for several years. 

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Sprint Social Care

Re: UICC UNLOCK Galaxy Note 5

alo2481, let's find out what the problem is. I'll send you a PM, please check your inbox message.


Sprint Social Care
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