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UNLOCKING my phone: Is a Factory Reset Necessary?


UNLOCKING my phone: Is a Factory Reset Necessary?

Good morning!


I've been through multiple Sprint chats and long phone calls trying to figure out how to unlock my phone.  I've been told that it is now "carrier unlocked," but I'm still not able to transfer over to a different provider.

After reading through a few message boards, it seems like this is a fairly common problem, and the next step would be to factory reset my phone...however...I'm wondering if there's a way to unlock it without resetting.  I've got voice mails, texts, photos, etc. that I don't want to lose (from my Grandmother who recently passed away).  Please help!


thank you!

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Re: UNLOCKING my phone: Is a Factory Reset Necessary?

Between you and I, we have the keys to a successful unlock, because losing those memories is not an option.  Here is a handy dandy thread regarding unlocking a Sprint phone. SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks  I'll need to look at your phone to decide which direction we need to go in. I sent you a PM for some info on your phone. If all else fails and we have to complete the factory reset, there are options to save these items. Backing up your phone to a cloud, to google or even a SD card is always an option. You can even send  voice mails, texts, photos, etc. to your email address.


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