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Unable to activate my Sprint sim card


Unable to activate my Sprint sim card


I've recently got my Sprint sim card, I ordered it from online (Order No: oy-shso-834443096), but whenever I try to activate it online, there's an error. It asks to enter my ICCID number, but after entering it, there's an error that's saying "please press continue to proceed with your order." Why's it showing that? Can you please help me with that? Thanks.

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Re: Unable to activate my Sprint sim card

farabi2017, I'd like to ask some questions to determine why this can be happening. Are you currently a Sprint customer? If not, are you trying to activate a Sprint phone or an eligible BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? Have you tried clicking on "proceed with your order"? If so, is it asking you to choose a device or pay anything?


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