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Unhappy long time customer!!

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Unhappy long time customer!!

I contacted Sprint customer service today about my account becasue I sent a money order for payment because the system refused my bank card.  My money order payment is sitting at their office building and noone can seem to find it but when i called the post office today I was told it was delivered yesterday.  So today they shut my daughters phone off so I called to find out why because dumb me thought that they had applied my money order payment to my account.  Well while on the phone with the billing department the lady (she did not say her name) was rude to me and treated me like I was just a pest.  She kept telling me that I needed to pay a set amount and I was explaining to her that ALL the money I have is sitting in that money order at the building and I told her my husband is on layoff from work and his unemployment hasnt started and that I was taking extra shifts at work in order to get the money to send the money order.  And I told her if she could wait until this comeing Thursday I could pay some more on it and I begged her not to shut my phone off becasue I work for a courier place and the way that they know where i am is me scanning in at my different stops. And I told her that if I dont have my phone to scan in then I cannot work. I told her that my bank account had been hacked and thats why the payment wasnt made online becasue when it was hacked the payment for sprint didnt go through and I asked her again for an extension til this Thursday and hoped that they could find my money order by then.  Well she  said that she didnt know what i wanted her to do and that i needed to learn to pay my bills.  My bill is paid!  It is sitting in the building somewhere.  I have been with Sprint for 7 years and this is the first time i have ever had to ask for an extension this long and this is the first time that Sprint was rude to me.  My husband said that its time to switch to a different company because if Sprint doesnt care about its long time customers then he feels sorry for the new customers coming in.

This is not a post to feel sorry for me and my situation.  It is a post about how rude the woman was to me.  I have NEVER had anyone from Sprint be rude like that  to me in the last 7 years so maybe my husband is right it is time to switch companies.  


Re: Unhappy long time customer!!

Sprint typically does NOT accept money orders. They are the easiest form of payment to be counterfeit. If you're paying cash and extra money for a money order why not just pay cash at a sprint store or authorized payment location. 


Re: Unhappy long time customer!!

I used a money order because Jessica on live chat said that they are accepted and i couldnt pay at the store because i go to work before they open and get off work after they close.

Re: Unhappy long time customer!!

Sprint accepts Money orders and the posting time is within 7 calendar days from date mailed. Please accept our apologies for the experience you had with our representatives, we appreciate your loyalty and the opportunity to be your wireless provider.


If you are in need of a payment arrangement and your account qualifies for one, you can set it up online following the steps below;


Sign into your My Sprint account.

  • Go to Payment Center.
  • Click the Other date button.
  • Click the calendar icon.
  • Select a date that is convenient for you.
  • A message will display if you are able to establish a payment arrangement

If your account does not qualify for a payment arrangement you may be allowed to schedule a future dated payment. Please note that a future dated payment does not protect your account from collection activity. 


We can also take a look at your account and discuss your options, I sent you a private message, you may reply to it if you require additional support.



Sprint Social Care.

Sprint Social Care Team.

Re: Unhappy long time customer!!

I recently was unable to pay my bill making it one to two weeks late I needed an extension till 3/24 and they will not allow it. I am under my spending limit and paid the balance that was asked of me online. I spent an hour on hold with no one fixing my problem. I will never recommend sprint and cancel my service with following up a law suit against them because this is ridiculous. Especially working in the healthcare field I try to maintain my service never been late in the past and been a customer for a while I do not feel valued as a customer no longer
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