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Unlock Iphone 6 Belonging to my deceased mother


Unlock Iphone 6 Belonging to my deceased mother

Forgive me but I am new at this and hope it gets through.   I have an IPhone 6 my mother bought probably 3 years ago.  She has since deceased 2 years ago and I was wondering how i might go about getting it unlocked.  The screen is also broken to the point I can hardly see any numbers etc..and can not check for the IMEI.   Feel pretty sure there may have been an unpaid bill attacked to it.  But with the cost of repair and what ever that bill might be along with anything else that might pop up I may just come out better keeping my 4s and trashing this 6.   I just hate to throw anything away like this that could be used.  I would also like to note that i havent a clue what the phone number was to that phone either.  So if and until I get it fixed I guess Im kinda in the dark about any of that information.  So I find myself between a rock and a hardspot, do I spend $125 to get it fixed and just hope I can get it unlocked or do I just forget it.  I would really like to use the phone because due to an injury my sight is going bad and my 4s seems to be shrinking.   Thanks for any info.


Re: Unlock Iphone 6 Belonging to my deceased mother


 Sorry for the loss. In order for us to unlock a device, some information needs to be validated to ensure the device eligibility. You can take a look at our Unlocking Policy @


You may provide us with the account name or number last associated with the Sprint device and I can check if the device is eligible to be unlocked.


If you have this information, please reply to the private message I sent you so that I can work on this for you.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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