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Unlock iPhone 8


Unlock iPhone 8

Hello. I recently sent in a request for my device to be unlocked and they said that when it is unlocked, I will get an email in about 3-5 days. It hasn’t been 3-5 days, however I am curious to know if my iPhone 8 that I bought from Boost Mobile will be unlocked by sprint. Boost mobile never unlocked my device and I joined sprint a few months ago. I was able to join sprint and now I want to unlock my device to use on Mint Mobile. Do you believe that the unlock will work? Or will it not work since I did not buy the device directly from Sprint? Thank you in advance.


You'll want to reach out to Boost as they will have to be the ones to unlock your device since they were the original carriers. Hope this all goes smoothly. If you have any more issues or questions please reach back out. Thanks!

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