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Unsatisfactory customer service


Unsatisfactory customer service

I have been on hold for exactly 1hour and 4 minutes and spoke to one rep who was not helpful at all. I wanted to extend my services out to 3/24 and the rep would not. Granted I was one to two weeks late but I paid the balance due to have service reconnected as asked online. My services have not been reconnected I work in the healthcare field and having my phone is a neccesity. I am under my spending limit and they still will not extend my bill out for four days. Not only did the rep not do that when asked to speak to the supervisor he would not transfer me. Asked rep again and the rep transferred me to the Spanish speaking section where I waited on hold for another 30 plus minutes to the point I hung up because no one was fixing the problem. I speak English and do not appreciate waiting on hold for an hour plus to get help I will be dropping my service as a long term customer because of this horrible service I received. Also will file a lawsuit because this is not the first problem I have had they have compromised my security on my account. If my service or someone from sprint does not contact me to address this problem I will follow through. Terrible never recommending to any of my future customers I have reccommended.
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