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Unscrupulous Business Practices, Fraud, FCC Complaint, Presidential Escalation?


Unscrupulous Business Practices, Fraud, FCC Complaint, Presidential Escalation?

I have been a Sprint Customer for many years. In March of last year I looked into upgrading my phone and I was encouraged by a sales agent via chat to upgrade the phone, add a 4th line at no cost and add the new plan which would decrease my bill immensly. I was very specific with this agent about pricing, mandatory fees, taxes etc, as well being advised I would still be able to keep my current discounts in addition to new ones. All of this was incorrect information, downright lies, and extremely misleading. (I still have this chat, etc.) 

When I received my bill, of course the information I was given was a lie. Nothing was correct that the sales agent told me and I called immediately. After countless hours on the phone, I was able to request an escalation and someone from your escalation department finally called me back. 

After reviewing the chats, etc, she agreed that I had been misled and lied to, apologized profusely and asked me to give her the opportunity to make it right. She was very competent and made the adjustments to my bill monthly as she advised she would do. She was extremely helpful in giving me what I was promised, and a definite assett to SPRINT as far as good customer service. I was advised this would continue for the full 2 years of my contract.

In November last year, the credits stopped. (After only 6 months)  I once again contacted the same person who corrected it and stated she would look into it. She adjusted my bill that month.

In December I got an upgrade on one of the phones (after paying off the original upgrade) I was advised nothing would change and all of my credits would remain, They DID NOT. This is an ongoing issue with Sprint. Your sales agents lie, to get the sale, and SPRINT does not hold up to what their sales agents are advising. Changing plans, and because the old plans arent available any longer the customer cannot get the same deal they had. (Unscrupulous Business Practices to say the least)

I once again, had to email her again in December to get this corrected. She responded via email and advised she would look into and get back to me, and credited the account for the inconvenience. 

I didn't hear back from her, and so I sent another email. Her response was not the same as I had received before. Her language was different, it was as if I was not even speaking to the same person. She didnt seem to be familiar with what she had done in the past, even though i reminded her AND I received a snarky response back, advising that nothing else would be done and my bill would never be that low because I had 4 lines. *(which I never wanted to begin with). I am pretty sure the same person WAS NOT answering her emails. 

I have since sent several emails, advising that I plan to file an FCC Complaint, as well as a complaint with the BBB. I have yet to hear back. Does SPRINT not care about customer service or doing the right thing? 

Why would this person in the escaltion department agree I was misled, apologize and give me the credits for 6 months, only to not honor her agreement for the remainder. 

Look, I don't need the 4th phone. I only got the phone because the sales person said the line would be free. I just want my original 3 lines with unlimited talk text and data, which is what I always had for the price I was given. 

My plan is to file a complaint with the FCC and hope that fines will perhaps change Sprints mind about holding their sales people accountable for what they tell customers, and honor what they are told. 

I asked this person in the escalation department to call me so we could discuss this matter, and I have yet to hear back from her. It's been 2 weeks. 

I can't find a telephone number to the escalation department, no one will respond to my emails, I don't know what else to do. 

Does SPRINT not take complaints of unethical business practices, or FCC Complaints serious? 

How many other customers has this happened to? 



I cancelled my account after 10+ years with Sprint because their service is horrible.  I verified several times that the account was closed.  Today I was told that the employee did not do it correctly so the account did not close and they will not reverse the charges that erronously occured ($810)!  This is unbelievable to me!  I spent 4 hours on the phone today trying to get this resolved and kept getting hung up on, even by supervisors!  I don't understand how a company that treats its customers so poorly stays in business.  I switched to Verizon, oh my goodness, what a difference!!!  Wow!!!  They actually value my business!!  I still can't get my account closed with Sprint!!!  Not even leaving Sprint can be easy.... 

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