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Used Sprint Note 5 on Unlimited 1 Year Plan


Used Sprint Note 5 on Unlimited 1 Year Plan

My brother recently purchased a used Sprint Note 5 (with a clean IMEI). He saw the free 1 year plan, so he was thinking of moving over to Sprint from AT&T. However, when we punch in the information, it gives the message, "It doesn’t look like your phone(s) will work on our network." (I tried the same thing with another Sprint Note 5 with clean IMEI that my mother's using on another network, and I get the same message). I'm sure a Sprint Note 5 will work on the network... so maybe it's not letting them on just because it's a Sprint phone and it thinks they are already sprint customers; however, that's obviously not the case.

Is there any way around this issue that will allow my brother (and perhaps mother) to join Sprint with this plan? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Re: Used Sprint Note 5 on Unlimited 1 Year Plan

Earthlark, we appreciate your brother's interest in joining our Sprint family. This 1year free promotion is for certain non-sprint devices. This is the reason you're getting that error for the Sprint Galaxy note 5, and I also see that other carrier's Note 5s are not on the list of eligible devices either. Click here for more details about this promotion. Also, you can refer your brother to visit to check our current promotions. I'm sure he may find one Smiley Happy .


Sprint Social Care
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