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WARNING! Sprint is Fradulently Modifying Lease Agreements!!


WARNING! Sprint is Fradulently Modifying Lease Agreements!!

My Lease Agreement Started on Decemeber 10th 2017. That's what the first PDF date is in the "My Sprint" > "view bill" saids. 18 Months later would end the agreement on June 10th 2019. Sprint saids i have one more month. Because of this, I plan to buy the extra month, and pay off the phone. Then I will unlock it, and be done with sprint. I will NEVER go back to sprint because they have lied to me about everything. Espically the coverage. And to try to keep me as a customer, they (retention) has lied and told me they are gonna have 5G in my area (Binghamton, NY) within 6 months. They are also claiming that the iPhone XR is a 5G phone.


Re: WARNING! Sprint is Fradulently Modifying Lease Agreements!!

While your lease agreement was signed on December 10th, it doesn't necessarily end on that same day 18 months later. It goes by the bill cycle. I'm happy to review the bill cycle and determine the date, if you're interested. 


When looking at unlocking the phone, you'll need to ensure that the cancellation of the lease has been billed so the phone will be unlock eligible. You may also review the other requirements at SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks.





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