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Was just told online chat


Was just told online chat

So i just chatted with online chat and was told when i appiled for my serivce over a year ago they keep my credit rating at that for online shop for sprint. I try to upgrade one of my phones and it wants me to pay 475.00 down when i upgraded 3 months early already for another phone and only paid the rest of my lease and 30.00 down?????? Why is that i paid 100.00 total to get the Samsung S 8 phone and they want me to pay 475.00 for the active S8 online because of my credit from a year ago. This is BS. I already pay over what i was told i would in the first place and nothing happened about it. This is wrong on so many levels. I am sorry but i have been with you for over a year trying to build some kind of credit and stuck with sprint even though i pay way more than i was suppose to and i never have serivce anywhere i go. i have to use wifi calling i have more dropped calls than i do calls or messages. so i will not upgrade another phone now. No way i have one to pay for for another year and sprint you can have it back and i will go some where else that will treat me right and give the credit that i have earned. 


Re: Was just told online chat

Down payments can vary based on the type of phone, how much memory it has, how much the phone cost, etc. I don't have a list of all those factors. We do reward customers with good payment history, so continue doing what you're doing. It sounds like you're working really hard, which is great, I struggle with some of those battles too. You could check out Best Buy or Amazon to see if they have some great deals on phones. You'll want to stay away from eBay and Craigslist. Or you can upgrade to a phone that doesn't cost as much. You're more than welcome to go into a store to have them run your credit, if you know that it has improved. I would really really hate to see you leave, but I get it. You have to do what's good for your family. 

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