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Website and Phone Upgrade Issue


Website and Phone Upgrade Issue

To Whom It May Concern,


I am writing you today for several reasons. The first is obviously because you don’t have an email readily listed on your website. The fact that you are making me type this out and send it to you in a physical piece of mail speaks volumes to the fact that you are not receptive to hear from your customers in a timely fashion. In the time it takes for you to receive this letter, I have probably already made the choice to switch carriers. It is surprising to me that in this day and age, you don’t have a way to easily establish contact with your customer base, instead relying on a discussion forum for people to air their concerns into the vast void, hoping they will possibly be heard and have a response sent to them from on high (aka your customer department). It also reinforces what semi-negative attitude I had with my experience and compounds it after reading other infuriated customers posts, making it harder for you to help me find a compromise and solution to my problem. Instead I became just as infuriated, and that right there is why you might be losing a larger than expected customer base, but I digress.


What brings this letter into existence is the frustration I have felt while trying to upgrade one of my phones for a new one. I have already tried twice online, once by phone, and tomorrow I hope to try by going into a physical location to upgrade my phone from the Samsung Galaxy 5 to the Samsung Galaxy 8. If the past is any indication, I will most likely be told that there is a pending upgrade (more to that story in the next paragraph) and there is nothing that the associate can do for me on their end but they will send a note up to corporate/website and hopefully it will resolve in 72 hours when the contract will end. I will then return to said store (perhaps in a week after I have finished shopping your competitors for the best price/service ratio (discounting yours of course)) and return my phone and cancel my service, against my own wishes. I have fought to keep my wife on board with your company but you guys have to throw me a freakin’ bone here and help me convince her you guys are the ones worth staying with.


So back to the story, I saw the ad online for upgrading my phone to the new Samsung Galaxy 8 (I currently have a 5 in a state of declining health and look forward to the new phone) and was looking forward to getting the phone. I saw you guys were advertising the Samsung Galaxy for life promotion (my wife has the apple one) as well as the waived fee for upgrading and a super cool looking Gear VR. Awesome! I thought to myself. I always wanted to try a Gear VR and here one was, and free with an upgrade no less! So I tried my hand at upgrading and made it to the payment screen. I clicked through and nothing happened. So I tried another credit/debit card. Clicked through. Nothing happened again. So I called in to your telephone line and tried to finish the process there. Now apparently English was a second or third language with the operator. I tried to tell them what I wanted and the promotions you were running online. She offered to continue it through on the phone which I agreed to. I was going to have to enter my Gear VR stuff manually through the Samsung site, but it was an inconvenience I was willing to endure to get something cool for a change.


She sends me the link to digitally sign my contract, letting me know that there was only a 72 hour window to sign before it voids out. No problem, I will sign it as soon as it arrives in my inbox. A few minutes later viola! There it is. I click the link…and nothing happens. I try again and it loads a blank page. I let it sit for a few minutes, try again, and it’s a dead link. So I log onto the website to talk to the live chat and your website is down. Great…Now I waited longer than 72 hours before trying to talk to the live chat again to see if they can help me restart my upgrade process again. No such luck. I no longer have an option to select my Samsung Galaxy 5 for an upgrade.  You can see how this is becoming frustrating for me on my end right?


As I see it right now, I have one of two options. Attempt to order it through itself and see how that turns out or wait and jump to a different carrier and try my hand with their customer service, it can’t be too much worse I imagine than having the whole range of ZERO options right now. I have now spent several hours between the website, your telephone service, and writing this email for something that should be simple enough to do in 20 or so minutes. Click, Click, Confirm, Upgrade! I truly hope you have a chance to read this and respond in a timely manner because I am still hopeful that we can work something out, but I imagine it has as much a chance of being read as a message in a bottle. A romantic can always hope though…


A possible soon-to-be past customer,


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