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Where do I file a complaint?! Nearly $350 gone! 5 Days after joining Sprint!


Where do I file a complaint?! Nearly $350 gone! 5 Days after joining Sprint!

Planned on purchasing an iPhone 8 plus after saving up for nearly a year and also at that time planned on switching to Sprint. As I began through the process of purchasing the sales representative verbally said that you could have another iPhone 8 entirely free and said she'll give me a special deal with no catch which I believed. She also tricked me into purchasing a case and a liquid screen protector later knowing that I can't return and or exchange for cash. While through the process I also informed the rep that I had to go to my 2nd job within the next hour and half. So she made another rep put the liquid screen protector and the case at a different area. While she was doing putting the accessories on I see two other phones and a tablet which were beside the two iPhones. I questioned about them so she verbally said that they were entirely free and in total I'll end up paying $90 a month for all of the devices in total with or without it. After finishing I left and for some reason I had a bad feelings about these purchases. I check my email and started looking at the emails sprint has given me and it showed that the monthly payments were looking way more then she informed me about an $130 differentiation. So the 2nd day I decided to go to the same sprint store wanting to return the items and sales representative that I never talked to before told me if I were to return the items it would be $45 for each device which in total was going to be $180 plus tax which really put me in shock. She expected me to still keep the devices but I didn't want to pay over $200 a month for devices that I was never going to use so I had to tell her numerous times that I don't want the deal and I wanted one phone and I was going to pay the fee. So she went into this room where customers can't enter and she came back telling me that a manager has to be there to return an item and tried to persuade me to go talk to the same lady that tricked me into purchasing the items. I asked her is there a way to communicate with the manager and she stated there was no way to contact the manager. So I left worried not knowing what to do. I planned on going the day after but I didn't have enough time so 3 days later when I went back I luckily managed to be there while the manager was there and he told me the restocking fee would sum up to be $192.60 which he wanted me to pay. At the same time he told me since my bill had popped up that I had to pay it. So overall I have to pay $420.33 which is very frustrating to hear. He also mentioned if I kept the phones I wouldn't have to pay $192.60. I'm just trying to get resolved because now I'm struggling to help my ill mother pay her medical bills and on a verge of being in debt.


Re: Where do I file a complaint?! Nearly $350 gone! 5 Days after joining Sprint!

Hey brave57, it sounds like you've had a very terrible experience and that's not how we want our customers to feel. I will private message you so I can get some account info and take a deeper look into this.

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