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Worse experience with Sprint so far! AND I've had many!


Worse experience with Sprint so far! AND I've had many!

Had the worse experience with Sprint Customer Service which ended up getting nowhere.  I even spoke with a manager who resolved nothing and ended up transferring my call to Orders without even telling me or the next person.  Which of course meant I had to repeat the problem for the third time on this hour and a half call.  Basically, I added a line last year to get the iPhone 7 plus.  I ended up switching the numbers so that iPhone was on my main cell and the new line had my old phone attached to it (Samsung). I did not use the Samsung for over a year and the contract was well over so I called to cancel it since it hadn't been canceled when I asked for it to be done over a month ago.  Turns out that Sprint OPENED a new line for the new "upgraded" iPhone 8Plus instead of actually doing an upgrade on the iPhone 7 plus and called it a trade in...then wants to charge me $158 cancellation fee for a contract. First, I never authorized an additional line to be added even for the new phone, it should've just upgraded my iPhone 7 Plus to the 8 Plus and canceled my Samsung line since I've been paying on it for over a year and it hasn't used one ounce of data or cellular service.  Leave it to Sprint to swindle you out of not only a new contract but added fees on top of an already astronomically high bill of over $425 per month.  Unbelievable! I literally spent an hour on the phone repeating myself to someone who clearly did not understand my concerns nor did she or her manager do a thing to resolve my issue. It won't be long before I become an ex-Sprint customer.  I've been one for almost 20 years although it shows I was there for only 10, I was on a SERO plan for years prior to 2007...and this is how they treat not only long-term customers but loyal ones! Sad and pathetic.  But anything to make a buck huh Sprint!? I would never recommend ANYONE to open an account with Sprint nor would I renew my service after this round of contracts are up! Make a change Sprint...this is completely unacceptable.  And what kind of manager just transfers a call without explaining the situation to the next person to have to deal with OR letting the customer know causing more unnecessary frustration.

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