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Worst Customer Service Award: You Win.


Worst Customer Service Award: You Win.

My level of frustration is difficult to describe. 


I called Sprint customer service two weeks ago to upgrade my phone. I have been a Sprint customer for 7 years, so I asked to be provided the new customer price for the iPhone X. I didn’t feel it was unreasonable to ask for the same deal they’re giving new customers considering my loyalty. I was transferred 3 times between different departments. I spoke with a supervisor. The supervisor told me he couldn’t provide me the new customer price, but he could provide me with a 10-month discount on my new device lease ($10/month) as well as a 12-month discount on my unlimited plan ($10/month). He also said he would “throw in a free Hulu subscription” to thank me for my loyalty. I requested he give me a line-by-line breakdown of cost do I knew exactly what I was agreeing to, and I wrote everything down. I was warm transferred to sales to complete the transaction. The supervisor from account services hung up, and the sales representative told me he was not informed of any discounts to be provided. 


The sales representative put put me on hold for almost 30 minutes waiting to speak with account services. They finally answered and explained how they were awarding the discount to myself and the sales representative. The sales representative initiated a new device lease and ordered me an iPhone X. He charged me a down payment and $10 shipping. I paid over the phone as I was told was required. When all was said and done, I was on the phone for 2.5 hours and had spoken to 6 different people. 


Two weeks later, I receive notification via my Sprint app that my bill is due. I log in to find a bill for $20 more than I was promised—only one $10 discount had been applied, I had also been charged again for $10 in shipping, which I’d already paid over the phone when placing my order. There is no Hulu subscription. 


I called billing just now to attempt to sort it out. A young man answered and in a tone of total exasperation, asked me “why would anyone give you a plan discount?” I said I understood he couldn’t take my word for it and to read the notes I assumed the account services supervisor had left in my file. He said he would and placed me on hold. He then transferred me back into the call queue. 


A woman answered and exclaimed “Oh my Goddddddd!!!” I asked, “Oh my God?” She placed me on hold without a word. 5 minutes later, she returned and said “Hello?” I asked her to put her supervisor on the phone. She protested. I repeated myself. She put me on hold and said she would grab her supervisor. 5 minutes later, she returned and said her supervisor was “kind of busy” and would call me tomorrow by 2PM. I asked what time zone, as her accent indicated she was not located in the United States. She said “the time zone.” I repeated my question. She said “East time zone.” Livid, I hung up. I am quite certain I’ll be receiving a phone call from no one tomorrow, and in case any of you cared whether that callback was feasible for me, I work from 8AM to 5PM each day. 


In my life, I have worked as a call center agent, quality assurance supervisor, and operations manager. I have trained, coached, and managed hundreds of customer service agents. This is the most appalling customer service I have ever received from any company. 


Fix it or I take to social media.


Re: Worst Customer Service Award: You Win.

Sounds like you've been through quite a bit. There is no reason that you should have been treated like that. I can definitely check your account and see what's going on. What plan are you on? Hulu is a free service that we offer our customers, depending on what plan you are on.


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