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i WAS going to switch to sprint but i doged a bullet


i WAS going to switch to sprint but i doged a bullet

for three days yes (3) freaking days ive been trying to buy a phone from these people known as "sprint" im trying to switch from tmobile but know i think ill stay with them 


if i go to a sprint store i have to pay price A for the plan i want 

if i call then i pay price B for the same plan 

then if i do it online ill pay price C for the same plan 

why on gods green earth is this so complicated the price depends on the method of purchase????

who idiotic!!!!!!! ok well for me the best option is online order BUT hold on now this is sprint they love making simple thinngs harder than my multivariable calculus 3 course here at UC berkeley. alright i get through the check out then its asks for a credit check, my credit is near a perfect score well over 800 and the stupid site cant retrive my credit score????? 


ive talked to millions of reps each one dumber than the last and no one wants to help instead they want to talk me into paying price A or paying price B and  i dont want that oh and lets nor forget the week long free shipping 


i want the online price because its a beautiful price and plan and it allows or instore pick up. the sprint store near campuss has tons of stock for the phone i want but nope nothing works so now i turned to the forums hopefully someone can help before i decide to never associate with anything or anyone with ties to this company...btw your commercials are realy realy realy dumb 


Re: i WAS going to switch to sprint but i doged a bullet

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not even here will i recieve any sort of assistance from a sprint employee 


this is amazing cant believe this is how customers are treated 

you guys are horrible im putting this experience up on every social media account i participate in!

and ill open new ones on those that i dont because this experience has to go viral!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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