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iPhone 6s unlocking nightmare


iPhone 6s unlocking nightmare

I am a former Sprint customer from 2012-2014 currently with Project Fi. I recently purchased a used iPhone 6s from another former Sprint customer with the intention of giving it to my daughter who would use it primarily in Canada where she lives. I was flying to visit her Thursday morning and would be in Canada until Tuesday so I made sure to verify that the phone was both eligible for an unlock and that the unlock was in progress. I contacted original seller who was kind enough to file an unlock request: On Wednesday around 3pm MST, he was it would be unlocked by Thursday. The delay was primarily because a ticket needed to be submitted to the unlock team (the request was made via chat during work hours).


On Thursday evening, I called the international support number to verify that process was underway, and was told that the phone had been unlocked. You can imagine my rage when I inserted my daughter's SIM card when I arrived in Canada about an hour later and saw the "SIM not support" message appear on the screen. By Friday evening the issue still wasn't resolved so after they went to sleep I started a chat on Friday and the CSA apologized several times assuring me that the phone would be unlocked by midnight, roughly 3-4 hours after our conversation ended.

Chat ID: 734467990037406216Chat ID: 734467990037406216Fast forward to around 3am Sunday when I emailed the international customer support team demanding that MY phone be unlocked IMMEDIATELY. About 20 minutes later I receive the following message:

Incident: 180401-000008Incident: 180401-000008

I was FURIOUS. In a follow-up where I almost joking asked if I could still use the phone on Sprint, I receive the following:

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.06.05 PM.png


It would appear that no one at Sprint has complete information.


I have now wasted 6+ hours of my time on hold, speaking or chatting with your employees. Your employees either flat out lied or intentionally misled me by stating both that (1) the unlock was in progress and (2) it was unlocked and ready for use.


If I was told the phone was unable to be unlocked on Thursday, I could have easily purchased another used phone in the US to give to my daughter. Now I am in Canada where most retail establishments are closed until I return to the US, so I am unable to purchase her a new phone.


This is no longer about the money: the original owner is happy to refund me. This is about the fact that you have both wasted the little time I get to spend with my children and made me fail to honor a commitment to my daughter. Just do the right thing and unlock the phone.



Hello rage12345, I can take a look into this matter. I have sent you a Private Message, feel free to reply at your earliest convenience.


*Please keep in mind that in order to unlock a device from Sprint's network, there are some criteria it has to meet:
•The device is Domestic SIM Unlock capable
•The device must be or have been active on the Sprint network for a minimum of 50 days
•Any associated Service Agreement, Installment Billing Agreement, or Lease Agreement has been fulfilled including payment in full of any applicable early termination fees or end-of-lease purchase options. Because leased devices are not owned by the user, the end of lease purchase option must be exercised and paid in full before the Domestic SIM unlock is completed.
•The associated account is in good standing
•The device has not been reported as lost or stolen, associated with fraudulent activity, or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked.

For more information about our unlock policy, visit: .


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