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never got my refund


never got my refund

I signed up with Sprint in February of this year. To change my phone over took almost 4 hours at the Sprint Store, which was frustrating in itself. After a week of not so great service, I decided to go back to AT&T. I went back to the store I originally signed up at. And they agreed to give me a refund of $68.60. When I tried to swipe my credit card to get the refund back, the credit card machine was not working. So I asked for a cash refund. They refused to do that and said it was Sprint's policy to mail a refund check and that I would get it in a week. It has been a month and I still have not gotten it. So I called Sprint Customer Service and they said that I would have to go back to the original store. I called the original store and they said I would have to call Customer Service. I just want my $68.60 back. Short of issuing a stop payment from my bank, I'm not sure what else to do. 


Re: never got my refund

swarner, we are so sorry to hear you are no longer part of the Sprint family. If you returned the device in good working condition to your original place of purchase and contacted us to deactivate service within 14 days of activation we will:

  • Refund the device purchase price and any down payment, as well as any installment billing or lease payments made to date
  • Refund your service charges (including any monthly recurring charges, Activation Fee, and all associated taxes and fees) and
  • Waive any Early Termination Fees, any remaining installment billing balance, or any remaining unpaid lease payments.

I am an expert at this and would love the opportunity to look into this further. Please reply to the private message I sent you for additional support.



Sprint Social Care Team.


Sprint Social Care Team.
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