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"Private Message Responses" in public forum?


"Private Message Responses" in public forum?

My Original Post:
I am a long term Sprint customer with 4 phones on a family plan. I cancelled one phone today because it was being replaced by a work phone. The rep asked if he could change my mind. He offered me a tablet deal I didn't need. I can't find my start date, but it’s been over 10 years. Sprint advertises everyday how it will save new customers 50%, but raises my bill anytime they can. Now I must pay upfront or lease new phones on top of plan rates, I have to pay premium data rates even though I have unlimited data. I must pay upgrade fees for the chance to pay you more each year.
I saw in one of these threads a reference to, but it takes me to
I used to get a corporate discount of 27% on the whole contract. I lost that when I changed jobs. Now we are supposed to be getting a smaller discount through my wife’s job as a teacher, but I think its only on one line, and I can't find it in the online access right now.
Plenty of carriers offer to buy out EFT's so I am looking now. Every time I inquire about something you have advertised it is either only on new lines or it has so many conditions it ends up lowering my data or raising my costs. You also get different stories from phone sales, online, corporate stores, non corp stores & 3rd party retail stores. It makes it very confusing. At this point I will probably move my other lines out as the contracts
and leases expire.
Sprint Response:
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Re: Why should I stay with Sprint?
Thank you for reaching out CHEFGUY3000. We wouldn't want to see you go. Please allow us to take a look into this. Can you please send us a private message? Just click on my name and then select "send a message". Include your phone number and security PIN.

I sent the message as requested and received the following:
Sprint_Jeffrey From: Sprint_Jeffrey
36m ago
Re: Reply to your msg in Plans forum
Thank you for the information provided. We have reviewed your account. The three lines on your account are still not eligible for a 2 Year Upgrade. If your plan is changed to one of our cheaper plan, you will not be allow to upgrade via two year upgrade due to the fact that those plans are design for customers who are choosing to get the phone via Lease or Installment Billing. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
My Response:
So it sounds like you are telling me I should look elsewhere for a cell carrier. My question was what does Sprint do to encourage long time customers to stay with Sprint. You have not given me any reason to remain. You speak of being allowed to upgrade with my current plan, but in fact you do not offer any upgrades where the phone is included. No matter what I would see a cost increase when I "upgrade". It took you days to tell me what the phone CSR told me in minutes. You are only interested in locking in new customers, not keeping long term loyal customers. If that is incorrect, please show me what you do for current customers that compares to what you offer new customers
The use of Private Messages makes it look like Sprint solved the issue.....  not so much!

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