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"misinformation" aka lied to


"misinformation" aka lied to

I currently have a data plan and leased device with sprint, however it was purchased at Best Buy...which is apparently seperate from regular Sprint services according to Sprint representatives. I was informed that I could upgrade my device due to a current promotion (up to 50% off a leased Iphone). This message came directly from Sprint, so I logged on to check out pricing. I liked what I saw, however due to previous experience with Sprint and their pricing, I made an inquiry via chat. The initial representative assured me that the upgrade would not impact my current plan or pricing, and that the new lease price would replace my current lease price as they had accessed my account to verify this. After having a battle with the website that did not place my initial order (which made me miss out on a promotion to waive the $30.00 upgrade fee which Sprint would not honor), the purchase was made...although I was questioning my decision to stay with sprint. 

After recieveing the upgraded device, I spent time setting up the phone as the directions suggested prior to activating the phone. After sitting on hold for far too long...I turned to chat. I was immediately informed that they would be glad to help me with the activation...and that "oh by they way", your current plan is not compatible with the upgraded device. The agent advised that I would have to change my plan which would significatly increase my monthly payment. The saved chat transcript made no difference as the representative stated they were sorry that I was misinformed, and they would not activate the device without changing my currenty plan. The representative had a blast with word play, and transferring me endlessly with no response from a supervisor. I was told to simply return the phone, and to continue shopping with best buy. Apparently Sprint does not want to help customers who signed up for Sprint service through Best Buy, even though Best Buy is a reseller and not a service provider. As others have posted, Sprint lies to make the sale, and they will not honor what representatives promise.


Re: "misinformation" aka lied to

Hello new_user, please accept our apologies for all the inconveniences caused. We want to help you getting this resolved. Please reply to the private message I sent you for additional help.



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