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Got my sprint bill on Monday to my surprise instead of the 198.04 I pay every month is was 315.00 so called the sorry excuse of customer service sprint claims will help what a laugh after a 2 hour conservation over how they change my plan and claimed to sent a text on the 30th of September that I didn't get because the # they said it was sent to was to my 12 year old daughter good move sprint. So with my supposed plan change all four phone went over on data. when I complained was told they discount me 95 dollars if I agreed there wasn't a mistake witch I will not do  because I didn't authorize any change.They agreed to send the 95 dollar rebate anyway  but that changed quickly to just 20 dollars. Also its funny after I complained about the data overcharge on each line I checked the website again and it was just my daughters phone. the whole time talking to customer service was on my sprint and never any mention of any plan changes .Done with sprint and there dirty and shady practices . anyone have any good ideas on how to fix this because sprint sure don't care about there customers.

Sprint Employee


Thank you for reaching out to us, I am sorry to read you're not having a good experiencing with our service. I would like to help you with this, in order for me to further assist you, I will need to gain access to your account. Please check your inbox at your earliest inconvenience.

Sprint Social Care

Only thing I need Now is to know when I can cancel my contract , turn in leased phones and run as far away from sprint as possible funny how its took you until today to reply I have spent all week dealing with you people and frankly am sick and tired of your company.been on your instant messenger today for 4 hours so far trying get a simple answer to when I contract is over still waiting. got the other $75 dollars the other day credited still 22 dollars more than my bill should be for your lies and shady practices so dont know why should let you view my account unless you want trey charge me more.

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