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Bill continues to go up yet I am on a contract?


Bill continues to go up yet I am on a contract?

A few months ago Sprint increased my bill 99 cents per line which equated to a 5 dollar per month bill increase. Today I got my new bill and it jumped 30 dollars! They told me that my military pricing and auto pay discounts expired? I wasn't made aware of any of this and go locked into an 18 month agreement to which it seems that Sprint can alter the terms on their end at any moment without regard to the original contract. I will be calling today to cancel, I am just so tired of correcting incorrect bills every month not to mention their Hulu service has yet to work on my phone. Time to go to Cricket, easy billing, no contracts, and free phones. 

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Re: Bill continues to go up yet I am on a contract?

dougcapella76 We don't want to lose a customer over something so easy to resolve. If your Military discount is expiring, we send you a notification letting you know validate your information soon so that you don't lose the discount. About Auto-pay, unless you choose to not enroll in Auto-pay, Sprint will not unsubscribe you from Auto-pay. As for Hulu, that's an easy fix. Let's take a look at the account and see how we can get all these issues resolved. My name is Juan and I'm with the Sprint social care department. Please send us a private message with your name, account holders name, phone number, account PIN or answer to the security question.

Sprint Social Care
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