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Gender Insensitive Phone Staff


Gender Insensitive Phone Staff

I am very upset with Sprint right now. I had surgery on Friday and am not feeling up to going in person to Sprint so I ordered online. I used my UPS mailbox as my shipping address as I have for 3-4 years and used my wife's credit card to pay. I can understand wanting to verify my identity just because of using her card but the associate was unbelievably insensitive and rude. I am a man and she kept calling me "Mam"!


I had a nodule removed from my thyroid and I sound awful, my voice is not right and it could take a while for me to sound normal again. The associate kept calling me "Mam" despite my name being obviously a man's name, and me verifying that I was myself, a man and not a female. The associate had been corrected and still purposely called me Mam several times. I've never experienced that before and had no clue how to respond but I am terribly offended by their treatment. They need better training at Sprint because not every man has a deep voice and not every woman sounds like Cinderella, especially after surgery.


I canceled my order, if their phone staff can't behave with maturity I don't need to do business with them. I plan to take the recording of the conversation to social media. Sprint needs to train people to use neutral terms and not use "mam" as a pejorative. I feel the associate did it on purpose to insult me and I plan to spread the word about their insensitivity.  There are many other carriers and I'll take my business elsewhere

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Re: Gender Insensitive Phone Staff

jsayno, I'm disappointed to hear that you were treated disrespectfully and can understand your indignation. We expect that every customer be treated respectfully and their preferred pronouns used, once we've been made aware of them.


If you like, I can have an agent gather the information regarding the date and time of the call so that we can have it reviewed by the order support team for training purposes. We won't receive a follow up about what, if any action, is taken against an employee but it will be treated seriously.


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