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Run Around when trying to Order New Phones on existing service


Run Around when trying to Order New Phones on existing service

Last night (14 Jan 2019) my wife called Sprint in order to find out why our bill had increased so much in the last month.

We were told that 2 of our phones, the lease had ended and we are on the extended month to month plan, which increased the cost of the phones. When my wife inquired why were not contacted that the lease was due to expire we were told that "we should have been".

So we started down the path of upgrading the two Galaxy S7 phones. When asked what the lease cost was one operator said they were $23.00. The operator also said that we could save money by changing our plan. I looked up the Unlimited plan and asked about veteren discount that the website was showing, she gave me the price of it for 5 phones and it was nothing like the plan that was described on the website. She quoted a total price of $135.00. The website indicated that it was $110.00 for the same plan.  The operator also said that we need to change the phone before changing the plan. She was going to transfer us to another rep to do this and the phone went dead. Calling back we got ahold of another rep and she said the cost of the phone is $33 minus $10 discount. Then we were transferred to another rep who gave us a cost of $13.00, which was the $33 minus the continuing customer discount of $10 minus the veteran discount of $10 for total of 13.00 per month lease. We were then transferred to another rep who asked what we needed, and we started over and now the price of the phone is $33. This went on for 3 or 4 reps and the price of the phone went back and forth but each time we started over. We kept asking if they have the notes from the previous person but they said it was all here but we started over again.

The first representative that gave us all of the information was Sandy when she put us on hold to ask the supervisor if they could wave one of the $30.00 charges for activation she got back on and started to talk then the phone went dead. I called back and got a gentleman that I couldn't understand and he told me they would not waive the $30.00 fee and was very rude. Then I ask for a supervisor and he pretty must refused to get one for me to talk to. So he had transferred me to another department and I get a Byrum he started the order and said in order to finish it he would have to transfer me to make sure we were eligible for the upgrade we talked to Jane, who was very helpful but didn't know why they transferred me to her. So she gathered all the information together again and transferred us to Fernando.  He started over again and was taking forever got the order together after being put on hold several times. He wanted me to buy a warranty and I said I wasn’t interested he keep repeating about the $30.00 charge several time and said be careful that if I wasn’t going to get the protection plan. I said I just want to get off of the phone it was almost 4 hours at this point. He put me on hold at 9:54 and never came back on and at 10:12 central time I got a recording that said print was closed.   I spent 4 hours of my time and I still don't have the phones, order number or even if anything was even done during this time except transfer me back and forth between reps.

We were on the phone for over 4 hours and when were finally finishing up the rep kept trying to sell me additional add-ons and we told him that we just wanted to finish the order and get off of the phone, but he continued on. After he took all of the mailing information he asked for a credit card to cover shipping, my husband went to get it, though we never had to do that before, the rep put us on hold and then after about 15 minutes a recorded message came on and said that Sprint was closed and could call back tomorrow at certain hours. So we do not know if our order has been completed nor were we able to ensure the calling plan was changed over.


I am not sure who I can contact at Sprint Quality or Corporate to help resolve these issues, but if anyone has a suggestion as to who to contact that will help and I don't spend more time trying to order replacement phones than it does to but a car.



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Re: Run Around when trying to Order New Phones on existing service

Wow, you have definitely been through the weeds with us. I would love to review your account and determine what has been completed. Unfortunately, if the order wasn't completed, I won't be able to process it for you. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information. 





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Re: Run Around when trying to Order New Phones on existing service

Thank you very much, looking forward to getting this resolved.

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