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Sprint not honoring iPhone 8 and 8 Plus promotion


Sprint not honoring iPhone 8 and 8 Plus promotion

I am writing to file a formal complaint on the fraudulent practice by a local Sprint Store, at 8259 Laguna Blvd, Ste 100, Elk Grove, CA 95758. As a new Sprint customer, I transferred from Verizon to Sprint on 10/12/2017, and my Sprint Account Number is: [edited for privacy]. I upgraded 3 phones (two iPhone 8 and one 8 Plus) by trading in my three iPhone 6 (2 silver and one black in color) on November 4, 2017, but Sprint never honored the promised promotion of 50% discount for phone purchase or “Save $350” for iPhone 8 and $400 for 8 Plus”. Cecilian , from the above Sprint Store, ordered two iPhone 8 and one 8 Plus for us on 10/12/2017. About one week later, the new phones were activated. On 11/4/2017, we brought three iPhone 6 to the above Sprint Store, and Cecilian handled my iPhone 6 trade-in registration and related paperwork, with the transaction ID #[Edited for ;privacy]. It turned out that Sprint never honored the promised promotion: we thought we already paid off for our iPhones, but in October 2019, Sprint informed us of that we only leased the phones, not purchasing them. What a nightmarish shock! On October 19, 2019, I went back to the above Sprint Store to ask for an explanation about the promotion mistake with our iPhone upgrade/trade-in. The Store manager claimed that his Sprint Store only kept transaction records for one year; a female agent at that Sprint Store advised me to call Sprint Customer Services. In the afternoon of October 19, 2019, I called Sprinter Customer Services and explained what happened with my iPhone upgrade and trade-in. After talking to a couple of Sprint customer care representatives, I demanded to talk to their supervisor, because there was simply no solution for the above iPhone 6 trade-in problem. I talked to Maria, a supervisor ([Edited for privacy]; phone #: [Edited Privacy]) at Sprint Customer Care, and she claimed that Sprint could not honor the promotion because I was not the Sprint customer anymore. She was wrong: I still have one line with Sprint: [Edited Privacy] On October 26, 2019, I went to the above Sprint Store, showing them the receipt for my phone trade-in dated November 4, 2017. A Sprint Store agent asked me to call Sprint Warehouse, 877-365-6413, to find out the phone trade-in record based on the original transaction number: [Edited Privacy]. After I dialed the 877-365-6413, Ally, a Sprint customer care agent answered my call. By using the above transaction number, Ally could not find any trade-in record with my account. What a shock, again! However, Ally pointed out that the local Sprint Store should have the original record for each and every transaction at its store: the point of service records. I straightforwardly told Ally my suspicion that most likely the local Sprint Store messed up my iPhone trade-in, whether it was intentional or not. Ally kindly gave me the Sprint Fraud Investigation number: 888-788-0788. To find out the point of service record, I was prompted to visit the Elk Grove Sprint Store again, and asked for the original record for the above trade-in transaction.  A store agent searched their records and could not find the trade-in details with that transaction number. Instead, the agent found out a transaction record dated October 12, 2017 with my account, and it showed two Serial Numbers for our two iPhone 5S, the first two lines transferred or added to my Sprint account. Such a record reveals that the local Sprint Store manager was a liar: he previously claimed that his Sprint Store records would not be kept for more than one year! Attached please see a copy of the point of service records dated Oct. 12, 2017 and Nov. 4, 2017 (iPhone 6 trade-in). Phone trade-in is not something that anybody can randomly make up, because each iPhone 6 has a unique IMEI code. I firmly because that Cecilian Anzua Alcauter and the Elk Grove Sprint Store mishandled my trade-in of three iPhone 6. If it was intentional, such an act could be considered as a fraudulent and even criminal act. Therefore, I demand that Sprint conduct a thorough investigation on the above phone trade-in incident and give us customers a valid explanation. I believe that the video record in the local Sprint Store on November 4, 2017 would reveal all the facts about my iPhone 6 trade-in process. The bottom line: Sprint must honor the above described promotion and provide us with appropriate compensation for the emotional and physical sufferings incurred by the phone trade-in incident.  Given what has transpired with my phone upgrade/trade-in, I believe that I have already paid off for the above mentioned two iPhone 8 and one 8 Plus, although I did not sign paper work to purchase the phone at the 18th month. Because it was Sprint that did not honor the promised promotion at the first place. Had Sprint honored the promotion, all those phones would have been paid off after the 12th monthly payment. In addition, Sprint only emailed me the phone purchase notice ONCE on March 10, 2019, but not by texting or any other available ways. I suspect that Sprint intentionally designed the Flex Program to play tricks on customers and not want customers to purchase their phones because this would only benefit Sprint the most. Such a willfully misleading and calculated fraudulent practice must stop! I demand that Sprint launch a formal investigation on the likely fraudulent practice and scam at the above Sprint Store in Elk Grove, CA. I demand that Sprint apologize for the mistake, honor the above promised promotion, and provide appropriate compensation for my emotional and physical sufferings incurred by the phone trade-in incident.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Sprint not honoring iPhone 8 and 8 Plus promotion

Good morning @mzmguo, We received your complaint via private message and we will be replying to you shortly. 

Sprint Social Care
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