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Some thoughts from SXSW panels - All about the context


There seemed to be a recurring theme on several of the panels I attended Monday, and it had to do with how to manage the endless stream of information that comes at us every day, or how do we take all the endless headlines, blog articles, tweets, etc., and put them into context to make them more meaningful.  At the "Future of Context: Getting the bigger picture online" panel, there was an interesting discussion about how lack of context online and a constant overload of headlines can actually be debilitating when trying to understand a topic, and can lead to confusion.  Elise Hu from the Texas Tribune has a great summary.  Also a tweetstream of the panel discussion.

While the panel primarily focused on journalism, I think there are some points that others can take from the discussion as well.  Whenever we talk about Sprint, it is helpful for us, our customers, and the general public to put whatever we're talking about in a larger context.