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2/04 - Samsung ATIV S Neo Software Update - 2216.14.01.2


Re: 2/04 - Samsung ATIV S Neo Software Update - 2216.14.01.2

Mlopez360, what Lorrie from SprintCare failed to make clear is that this thread for a software update addresses a firmware update and is independent of GDR3 or the 8.1 preview. Sprint has yet to release GDR3, and the 8.1 preview just arrived from MS via developer preview (and should be avoided for the time being).

So, check your firmware revision number under Settings-->About-->More info. I have yet to receive the update, so if your firmware number isn't updated to 2216.14.01.2, don't despair in thinking you're alone or doing something wrong. Sprint is just super slow when it comes to Windows Phone devices for whatever reason - or I suppose it's a combination deal in that MS/Sprint/Samsung can't collectively solve these types of problems in a timely manner.

Just keep checking, I guess! And check that newsroom for updates.

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