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Ativ S Neo release is near


Re: Ativ S Neo release is near

Sorry Roxi_H your bosses gave you bad info. No stores have them. Great job pissing off your customers Sprint!


Re: Ativ S Neo release is near

LIke I said on my previous comments I never listen to sprint stores employees. They seem so unprofessional and also uneducated has well. I know they don't know anything about windows phone and is why I justy go inside the store and check for myself and no use calling store. If I see the phone than yes I will get it. If not in store than order it online. There so use to iphony and laggy android phones. Also I knew it will not be available in stores as you can tell they are not really marketing Neo much before they finally announce it on there website. If you hear employees say don't know anything about the Neo than that's another sign Sprint don't really care much. Only thing everyone can do is ordered online or wait next week in stores if it will ever come or not. I also think they should at least lower price down and just include the $50 rebate instead of waiting for it in the mail. Sprint should market this Neo more has best buy website shows sold out! So hello that's a great sign to see.

Will see when mine will comes and hope so soon!


Re: Ativ S Neo release is near

I was in a Sprint corporate retail & repair store yesterday and they had just put the promotional display and accessories for the ATIV Neo out on the showroom floor. The store manager said corporate told them to get set up because the phone would be in-store in a couple of days.

A couple days late isn't so bad, people. Did any of you try to buy a Sprint Galaxy S3 on it's scheduled release date? It didn't even arrive in it's scheduled release month and when they finally did start to arrive they came in a trickle.


BTW, the manager at the Sprint corporate store said they won't be able to sell the ATIV S Neo off-contract or as an early upgrade. You will have to order online or wait until the 3rd party (Best Buy, Radio Shack, Etc) or Sprint franchise stores get them in stock to do that.


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